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During Mayor Ann Blair’s tenure in 2014, 18 Bainbridge teens were appointed to the Youth Advisory Council. Police chief Matthew Hamner also formed the Police Department Youth Advisory Council with three students.

Arlington, Tacoma, Mill Creek, College Place, Everett, and Wapato are just some of Washington’s cities with a Youth Advisory Commission, board, or council. There are many more examples across the U.S.

Young people are commonly referred to as “leaders of tomorrow,” but we are important intergenerational partners today engaged in youth-led solutions and organizations. Listening to and incorporating our insights benefit our community. Articulating our needs, concerns, and ideas on issues and decisions that promote a positive, healthy and safe environment for all provides an important voice at the table.

There’s no better time than now to reinstate a Youth Advisory Commission. Inspiring youths in our community would qualify to not only serve but work toward re-establishing this body and its framework. The existence of our past Youth Council, municipal code templates, and the process for reviewing and appointing members means we can ramp up without reinventing the wheel.

Please join us in urging our city to act now.